I am a freelance web designer and photographer. I have been working with HTML and CSS for more than 10 years and photography for more than 25. I love turning code into something that is visually appealing. It is like magic to write something that looks like gobbeldy-gook then open it in a web browser and have something extraordinary appear.

I especially enjoy working with small, local businesses and entrepreneurs. I enjoy the freedom of working from my home office where I can hear the birds through the open windows and take breaks to be entertained by my chickens in my backyard. The changing Pacific Northwest weather creates endless variation for my view toward the west.

I live in Bellingham, Washington, which in my humble opinion is an unparalleled place for it’s easy access to a variety of outdoor opportunities, it’s scenic beauty, a passionate buy-local community and close (but not too close!) vicinity to larger metropolitan areas.

To balance out my computer time I get outside every chance I get. I can most often be found with either my camera or binoculars close at hand as I hike, run, bike, kayak, garden or just meander.

Thank you for visiting my site!